New horizons

A SEA MADE OF LETTERS COULD BE RESTRICTIVE. You might think that I am not all there or that I have not discovered all the infinite paths that words can draw up. Let me explain myself.

Both sea and letters look like being countless –if they are not yet. As we know, sea is finite as alphabet is, but I am going to laugh at both who boast about knowing all the submarine secrets, and who do not agree that permutations of letters are neverending and, so, universes and emotions that came from literature are unpredictable.

Oceans and books spur on the curiosity, feed the soul, calm down the nerves, raise the freedom and give abundance. So, do you think that I have contradicted myself with speaking about limits? Hang on, please, ’cause I have not finished yet.

My sea contains more than letters, since there are images, sounds, music, people, fantasy and reality, creativity, illusions and hope. I like the concept of open sea because oceans have so harbors as many ideas are dancing in my mind and so many possible paths as life itself. Moreover, a ship that sets sail doesn’t need to drop anchor on a single point of the known geography; sea give us the freedom wings.

This image of a Turkish sailboat approaching Antalya coast has been the image for the blog ‘Mar de Lletres’ until now. However, from that moment on, this website will bring my name. I do not know where this change will take me but I feel it has to be done, because only when the course is changed, new horizons can be sighted.

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