Spherical caprices

Each event, each situation wherever you are
always has a positive value, even drama,
even tragedy, even the lightning in a blue sky.

Arnaud Desjardins.

The picture

This Instagrma photo is just a piece of the Atlanta International Airport ceiling. I call it ‘Spherical caprices’ since, while as seated at the hall or staying at the first floor cafes, those traslucent circles seemed to be hanged or levitating. Besides all as a whole is undoubtedly fanciful.

I took the pic with my iPhone 4S in the middle of a return trip, after have thought that sometimes people caprices an attitudes can jeopardize a journey. So every circle should represent a special personality with its virtues and faults, and the blue and orange lines would be the forces that separate them or join them.

The photograph is one of my Abstract Photography Collection and if you like it, now you can get copies or postcards by Instacanvas.

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