April, harmony and rythm

2013abril_aleixcabrera+APRIL will be the month for tuning our melody, playing it masterly good, with all our enthusiasm, energy, harmony and rythm. More than a listener is going to be delighted because there are as kinds of music as ears. So why not take the Palau de la Música Catalana (“Catalan Music Palace”) to illustrate the April calendar page?

This great exponent of modernism, designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, was the nicest stage for the ending of Maria Canals Piano Contest, but it is also a temple for the muses. Haven’t you ever noticed them? They seem to come off from the walls and levitate peacefully towards the organ or even higher. They simbolize the inspiration that every artist seeks on his way.

For me, relaxed music, a quiet and pleasant place, nature… are the best “inspirational” atmosphere to get the ideas in queue and get they working in harmony.

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