20 years of LUX Awards

Are you a fan of advertising photography and photojournalism? If you are, you shouldn’t let the exhibition ’20 years of LUX Awards’ get away. There’s no plenty of time, so you’d better hurry up and visit it at Palau Robert, in Barcelona, until April 28th. As the showing title stats, it is a selection of the best pictures during the 20-year history of these prizes that AFP yearly organizes.

Visitor will notice the several trends as a result of the changing fashions, the style of each photographer, as well as technological evolution, as it has been during the last two decades that photography has become digital.

Architecture is one of the exhibition topics, and there you will discover stunning compositions such as ‘Fachada’ (below), by José Manuel Bielsa, winner of the LUX Award 2010 in Architecture and Interior Design category.


Advertising irony is also shown:


There is also an explosion of colors that make up abstract and surrealistic pictures, and heartbreaking images of the nature in movement, such as ‘La persecución’ (below), by Cristóbal Serrano, LUX Award 2012 for Landscape and Nature photography.


[All images have been taken at the exhibition with an iPhone 4S]

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