Barcelona flying rats!

THE SURROUNDINGS OF CATALUNYA SQUARE in Barcelona are terribly crowded. Having been evicted by the controversial ice skating rink, the urban flying rats coo all together and look like being diconcerted. All of them move confused from on side to the other, flutter some centimeters and land in the same place time and time again.

There are too much, enough pigeons to obstruct my steps and kick some of them with no intention. If they were rocks, I would have fallen down withougt no doubt. I’m not going to say “poor bird”. I don’t really mind. More than dislike, these animals do disgust me. Actually, I had to stood their soft cries during my childhood when they nested under the roof.


2 responses to “Barcelona flying rats!

    • For sure, Laura. Human being is damaging the whole planet and its climate, although it doesn’t mean that urban pigeons don’t carry many infeccious diseases. BTW, thanks for your comment. 😉

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