Returning to the 90’s with Local Vocal

RECREATING A BAND WITH ONLY THE VOICE to lead us to the restless rythms in the 90’s. The Danish group Local Vocal make it possible and so good that you won’t miss any instrument in so much played songs as Rythm of the night, Scatman or I like to move it. Everything is possible when someone can fit as well nine sopranos, eight contraltos, five tenors and three basses. The beautiful sound is because of them and especially their the conductor and arrangerAnna Østergaard.

They state to be supporters of Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Tina Dickow, Dido or Tori Amos, among others, and offer their versions for free on Internet. If we ever pass through Århus, it might be interesting to stop and visit them, just to enjoy their a capella songs live and direct, such as Raindrops (Drip Drop) by Hannah Schneider.

Simultaneous voices on ‘split screen’

The visual resource that consists in dividing the screen in two, three or more slices, as cells, rows or columns, is known as a “split screen” in video editing. Thus parallel events, which are happening in the same time either in the same place or another, can be explained. In the cases of Local Vocal, the resource results both useful, as it let them show the 25 voices, and aesthetic, their faces over a black background.

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