A new year light

calendari2014+HERE YOU ARE THE JANUARY CALENDAR! We are made of traditions and, as I can, every month I’m going to post a new month calendar illustrated with on of my photographs. I’m starting the new year with light, to be precise the last sunset of 2013 that is, at the same time, the first of 2014. The same light over the horizon that separates to periods of time. The same light of yesterday, today and tomorrow, that remind us everything goes on and roll ahead with no stops. The same light that blesses distant friends and connects with us as well.

Farewell old year

The year vanishes behind a curtain
made of inseparable and changing tones.
A breathtaking outbreak of colours of a year
that don’t really want to give up the turn.
The last day looks itself on the mirror of rice fields,
unusualy flooded during the cold season,
at the two sides of a twisting lonely path
that joins Sant Jaume d’Enveja with Amposta.
Montsià mountain sleeps now between two identical sheets.
Water, earth, air and light; magical conspiracy of elements
to call on an instant of endless fragile beauty. 
Don’t speak, don’t move, don’t say anything.
Just open your eyes, as the fisherman spreads out his net,
and hunt it. Catch that moment inside
so that you can enjoy it the following 365 days.

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